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Life Groups

We believe that the people of God are designed to fall in love with Jesus while they fall in love with each other. Life Groups are the primary vehicle by which we intend to grow and express that love. These groups are inter-generational and gather around a geographic location. They are intended to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth and an opportunity to transform the community in which it is established. Each group has its own unique rhythm but every group has one mission – love Jesus and love each other. If you are considering joining a Life Group, we would first encourage you to find the group closest to where you live. If the time or feel of the group is not what you are looking for, try multiples out. Feel free to email or call the leaders to get more info on the groups and how you can get plugged in. For more information on groups, email Sara Turner at
Randazzo  Group - East Marietta
Compaan Group - Marietta
Zercher Group - Smyrna
7 groups

Spiritual Formation Groups

Spiritual formation groups are designed to create space via the spiritual disciplines and friendship. They focus intentionally on growing deep roots and growing in Christ. The goal in our spiritual formation groups is to effect our vision of living in love, creating, space, and spiritual formation. For more information regarding spiritual formation groups, contact Sara Turner at
Women's Bible Study
12 Women's Group
12 Men's Group
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Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups gather around common life stage or interest. The goal is to use these commonalities to live in love with each other and grow in freedom in Christ. For more information regarding special interest groups, contact Sara Turner at
Moms Group
Recovery Group
Welcome to the Table
4 groups